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Cultural Entrepreneurship

Why Choose the Cultural Entrepreneurship Program? 

What is Cultural Entrepreneurship?

The B.A. in Cultural Entrepreneurship (CUE) program is designed for Liberal Arts students to develop the critical business, entrepreneurship, and creativity skills necessary to participate in and define the creative economy.

The CUE major helps students develop a unique and valued skill-set and mindset that can be applied in entrepreneurial ways throughout their careers.

The degree is founded on three pillars:

(1) Business & Entrepreneurship
(2) Cultural literacy & conceptual competencies
(3) Foreign languages

CUE News & Events

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An Innovative Section of CUE 1001-001: Introduction to Culture Industries and Creative Economy, In Partnership with Ocean University!

CUE in OCEAN University

(Lib Ed Global Perspectives, Collaborative Online Learning with Students from Ocean University in Qingdao, China)

Check out the recent news article on this partnership!

Coming to UMD in spring 2018 is a unique chance to make history on campus by taking part in a revolutionary new course offered by the cultural entrepreneurship program. This course is a unique opportunity to learn about the history and contemporary scope of the culture industry, and the closely associated creative economy in a global setting. In this specialized class which begins halfway through the spring semester, UMD students will be paired in teams with Culture Industries Management students from Ocean University of China (OUC), in Qingdao, China. Through long-distance collaboration, OUC and UMD students will work on creative projects and develop a thorough understanding of the creative economy and its place in a diverse range of fields, including mass media, entertainment, the arts, tourism, sports, hospitality and more. Once a week OUC and UMD classes will meet as a single class using appropriate interactive technology. Students are expected to meet for their projects outside of class times and may use technologies such as Wechat or Skype to connect internationally with their team members. Class Schedule: March 12, 2018 to April 27, 2018 Mon/Tue/Thu 7:00 to 8:50 pm Humanities 470.

If you are interested in taking this innovative new course, view this video, and get in touch with Dr. Aparna Katre at (or stop by at H468b) for more details.

We hope you have a great summer, and we are looking forward to another year of great accomplishments with CUE!

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