Senior Exhibitions

Fall 2020 Senior Exhibitions

Shows available in the Tweed Museum of Art

Image of Ben Nagy's work, a ceramic vessel, the show is titled Potential Energy


Watch Tweed exhibitions at the links below

Ben Nagy | Studio: Sculpture & Ceramics
November 4th

Danielle Blanchfield | Studio: General Studio
November 11th

Image of Danielle Blanchfield's work, the show is called "Critical Consumption" and is on display at the Tweed Museum of Art Wednesday, November 11th from 10 to 3


Shows online this semester

Yijin ChenHanyu Zhang | Studio: Digital Art & Photography

Image of Hanyu Zhang's invitation for the show "Beauty in the Dark" beginning November 9th through the 15th online online
Image of Yijin Chen's work for the show "Beauty in the Dark" November 9 - 15, 2020

Emma Nalezny | Studio: General Studio

image of Emma Nalezny's work for the show "Missing" opening November 16th online

Michaela Bowman | Studio: General Studio

Michaela Bowman's announcement showing a partial image of a female body, primarily her legs. The show opens November 30th.

Fresh Foundations | Work from students in foundation classes fall 2020, including Drawing I, 2D Design, 2D Digital Design & 3D Design