American Indian Studies 112 Cina Hall

(Tribal Administration and Governance)

Department Head: Jill Doerfler
Tribal Administration and Governance: Joseph Bauerkemper

Anthropology, Sociology and Criminology 228 Cina Hall

(Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies)

Department Head: Scott Vollum
Associate Head: David Syring
Anthropology Coordinator: Mitra Emad
Criminology Program Coordinator: Jeff Maahs
Sociology Program Coordinator: Dan Martin
Internship Coordinator: Rob Weidner
Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Coordinator: Liz Wright

Art and Design 317 Humanities Hall

Department Head: Jennifer Webb
Associate Head: Steve Bardolph

Communication 465 A. B. Anderson Hall


Department Head: David Gore
Associate Head: Deborah Petersen-Perlman
Internship Coordinator (COMM): Alastair Knowles
Internship Coordinator (JOUR): Deborah Petersen-Perlman (effective fall 2019)

English, Linguistics and Writing Studies 420 Humanities Hall

Department Head: Will Salmon (Linguistics)
Associate Head: Krista Twu (English)
Writing Program Administrator: Avesa Rockwell

Geography and Philosophy 329 Cina Hall

(Interdisciplinary Studies)

Department Head: Jeanine Schroer (Philosophy, Cognitive Science)
Associate Head: Laure Charleux (Environment, Sustainability and Geography, GIS)
Interdisciplinary Studies Coordinator - Katie Van Wert

History, Political Science and International Studies 304 Cina Hall


Department Head: Cynthia Rugeley (Political Science)
Associate Head: Gideon Mailer (History)
International Studies Director: Mary Caprioli
PreLaw: Joseph Staats

Music 214 Humanities Hall

Department Head: Mark Whitlock

Theatre 141 Marshall Performance Arts Center

Department Head: Mark Harvey

World Languages and Cultures 494 Humanities Hall

(Cultural Entrepreneurship)

Department Head: Jennifer Brady
Cultural Entrepreneurship Coordinator: Aparna Katre

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