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2018 Faculty Research Presenters

Faculty Presenters at the first Lightning Research event spring 2018.

The College of Liberal Arts is comprised of departments all contributing to a well rounded and meaningful education.

American Indian Studies

112 Cina Hall
Department Head: Jill Doerfler

Anthropology, Sociology and Criminology

228 Cina Hall 
Department Head: Scott Vollum


465 A. B. Anderson Hall 
Department Head: David Gore

English, Linguistics and Writing Studies

420 Humanities 
Department Head: Evan Brier

Geography, Urban, Environment and Sustainability

329 Cina Hall
Department Head: Adam Pine


265 A. B. Anderson Hall
Department Head: Gideon Mailer


369 A. B. Anderson Hall 
Department Head: Jason Ford
* Dept Events

Political Science

304 Cina Hall 
Department Head: Paul Sharp

World Languages and Cultures

494 Humanities
Department Head: Maureen Tobin Stanley

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