Course Work

Catalog and Course Work

The Cultural Entrepreneurship (CUE) program is designed for our modern cultural and creative economy. All CUE graduates come away from our program with:

  • B.A. in Cultural Entrepreneurship (College of Liberal Arts)
  • Certificate in Business Administration or Leadership Development 

Visit the catalog for the most recent details of the B.A. in Cultural Entrepreneurship. 

The Three Pillars

The CUE major is based on three academic pillars:

  • Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship (22 credits)
    • Develop an understanding of the creative industries and the creative economy, and management and entrepreneurship in the creative sector. Additionally, develop creativity, design thinking, and entrepreneurial mindsets necessary to participate in the creative economy. 
  • Business Administration (16 credits) or Leadership Development (16 credits)
    • A basic introduction to most important aspects of business administration is accomplished through eight courses leading to a Certificate of Business Administration

    • Alternatively, five courses help develop an understanding of organizations, their role in society, project management, and leadership leading to UMD Leadership Certificate.

  • Cultural Sufficiency (3 to 24 credits)
    • Develop beginner or advanced level proficiency in one or more world languages, and develop cultural literacy through a maximum of six courses necessary for the creative economy. 

Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship Related Courses

CUE courses are open to all UMD students, with select courses requiring some prior knowledge. Within the 2017-18 Academic Year, the CUE faculty will be teaching the following courses: