American Indian Studies B.A.

American Indian Studies

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AIS B.A. Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of UMD’s B.A. program in American Indian Studies will successfully:

  • trace the Mewinzha gaye Noongom (the past, present, and future) of American Indian peoples and of American Indian Studies as a scholarly and professional terrain.
  • exhibit foundational facility with Ojibwemowin (the Ojibwe language).
  • demonstrate the ability to summarize and analyze American Indian-related Dibenjigewin (law and policy) emanating from tribal, settler, and international frameworks with particular emphasis on tribal sovereignty.
  • demonstrate the ability to compare, contrast, analyze, and exhibit appreciation of American Indian Mazine-Dibaajimowin (arts and literatures).
  • demonstrate the ability to compare, contrast, synthesize, and analyze general and localized understanding of Anishinaabe Izhitwaawinan (indigenous societies and cultures).
  • exhibit the capacity to Asigisidoon (to bring it all together) and apply their mastery of American Indian Studies concepts and content on behalf of professional, scholarly, and service-oriented effectiveness and innovation.
For detailed degree requirement information, consult the AIS major's catalog listing.