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By Matthew Dembosky, Professional Writing Major and Intern

Across all departments, UMD has dedicated itself to readying students in every major to be well-educated and prepared, as well as fostering the growth of academic studies within the University. Our Writing Program is proud to be an asset to both of these processes, and to give you the chance to conquer writing in any field you choose.

Why UMD Writing Program?

The world we live in today is not only fast-paced and demanding, but still as focused on communication as ever. The written word, via the internet, email, social media, and academic sites, create more works than ever before in history. Professors, job-creators, and potential employers see this, and they demand nothing but the best in written communications.  


Where do I start? 

Unless you test out or transfer with eligible credits, you will take College Writing (WRIT 1120), which fulfills the Liberal Education "Writing and Information Literacy" requirement. This three-credit course covers library research, critical reasoning, argumentation, source evaluation and documentation, and document design. Assignments present challenges designed to increase your competence and confidence in moving beyond the five-paragraph essay, and instead making writing decisions for any audience, purpose, or genre.


What's next?

After you have earned 60 credits you are eligible to enroll in an Advanced Writing (WRIT 31xx) course. Unless you transfer with eligible credits, it is a graduation requirement for most majors at UMD.* While many universities offer only one or two options for advanced writing courses, UMD's Writing Program offers seven options to choose from, depending on your academic and professional discourse community: Language and Literatures, Fine Arts, Businesses and Organizations, Science, Engineering, Human Services and Education, and Social Sciences. You can also choose from onsite, hybrid, and completely online delivery modes. This three-credit course explores the kinds of rhetorical situations you might encounter after you earn your Bachelor's degree. Like WRIT 1120, it is designed to increase your ability to communicate effectively and appropriately.

How can I learn more?

Contact our Writing Program Administrators, Avesa Rockwell at [email protected] (218) 724-3132, and Lindsey Jungman at [email protected] at (218) 726-7842


*Students who major in English, History, and Philosophy can substitute a 3xxx course in their major for Advanced Writing.