Percussion Area Faculty:

Dr. Gene Koshinski
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Tim Broscious
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Congratulations to Chris Parks, UMD graduate student percussionistfor placing 2nd in the 2015 Percussive Arts Society International Solo Competition!
Congratulations to UMD percussionist Henry Eichman (MM '18) for winning the Section Percussion (3rd chair) audition for the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra!



The percussion area at UMD is typically comprised of 15–20 undergraduate and graduate percussion students majoring in Music Performance, Music Education, Jazz Studies, or Bachelor of Arts.  Percussion faculty members Dr. Gene Koshinski and Tim Broscious work together to teach, coach, and perform side by side with the students in all areas of percussion education.  In addition, their group, Quey Percussion Duo, serves as faculty in residence (which has been performing worldwide for the past twelve years), offering UMD percussionists a truly unique educational experience. 

The UMD percussion program is centered around a "total percussionist" philosophy, meaning all students will study and perform regularly on all major percussion instruments (snare drum, drum set, mallets, timpani, multiple percussion, and hand drums). The only exception would be to those individuals majoring in Jazz Studies, where there is an emphasis on drum set performance.  All percussion students perform diverse musical styles on a regular basis.

All percussion majors receive 1 hr/week of one-on-one instruction with Dr. Gene Koshinski (for more information visit  All non-major percussionists (including minors and percussion as a secondary instrument students) take 30 min/week applied lessons with Tim Broscious.  In addition, a studio class comprised of all percussionists meets weekly and functions as an outlet for master classes, clinics, workshops, and guest artist presentations. Furthermore, the various percussion ensembles (Percussion Ensemble, Graduate Percussion Group, and Hand Drum Ensemble) are an integral part to the education of UMD percussion students as well as non-major percussionists.

"Quey Percussion Duo" – Faculty Artists in Residence

For over a decade, Quey [“Kway”] Percussion Duo (Gene Koshinski and Tim Broscious) has been pursuing a mission to bring their passion for music and the art of percussion to a broad audience.  To establish their distinct musical voice, QPD strives to make their presentations as diverse as possible – highlighting their unique combination of classical training with their experience and interest in global and popular music over a wide spectrum of musical aesthetics.  In addition to many national and international tours in Argentina, Canada, China, France, and Jordan; QPD has worked with art galleries, conventions (including 3 PASIC appearances), chamber music series’, recorded for the Naxos, Centaur, and Equilibrium record labels, and have engaged in more than 30 university residencies.  Their direct work with reputable composers such as John Luther Adams, Alejandro Viñao, Casey Cangelosi, Stuart Saunders Smith, Adam Silverman, David Macbride, David Gordon, and Dave Hollinden has carved out a niche for the duo.  Their composition contests alone have generated more than 170 new works for percussion duo.  At UMD, they use their knowledge as a professional chamber ensemble to add a unique experience to their students’ profile.  QPD is endorsed by Pearl/Adams, Sabian, Innovative Percussion, and Remo.


Percussion Ensembles

UMD Percussion Ensemble

The UMD Percussion Ensemble, directed by Dr. Gene Koshinski, rehearses 3 hrs/week and performs 1-2 concerts per semester. This group performs a wide variety of literature including historically significant works; contemporary trends in percussion ensemble literature; world music; elements of popular music; and brand new works for percussion. The ensemble often features student members, faculty members, and internationally acclaimed guest artists. In addition, the percussion faculty performs frequently with the ensemble, offering the students a unique side-by-side experience. The Percussion Ensemble is open to all UMD students (audition required) and typically has 12-15 members.

Graduate Percussion Group

Co-Directed by faculty percussionists Dr. Gene Koshinski and Tim Broscious, the Graduate Percussion Group focuses on the performance of advanced chamber music at the highest level.  The ensemble presents a full program each spring in addition to many presentations throughout the year at various venues locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.  Graduate percussion students are coached by and perform closely with the faculty artists to present dynamic and diverse performances.  

Hand Drum Ensemble

The UMD Hand Drum Ensemble is open to all students and focuses on a hands-on exploration of percussion music and instruments from around the world.  The extensive percussion instrument collection at UMD supports learning and performing in the following areas:  Brazilian Percussion, African Percussion, Middle Eastern Percussion, Cuban/Haitian Percussion and Chinese Percussion.



Circuit Breaker by Gene Koshinski Performed by the Graduate Percussion Group

Naked and On Fire by Adam Silverman Performed by the Graduate Percussion Group

Hard Currency by Justin Henry Rubin Performed by the Graduate Percussion Group

As One by Gene Koshinski Quey Percussion Duo, UMD faculty artists in residence

Get It! by Gene Koshinski Performed by UMD Professors Dr. Gene Koshinski and Dr. Jefferson Campbell

Concerto for Marimba and Choir by Gene Koshinski Performed by Gene Koshinski and the UMD Concert Choir and University Singers

Rolling Walnuts - Traditional Chineese - Performed by the University of Minnesota Duluth Percussion Ensemble, directed by Gene Koshinski and Tim Broscious


Guest Artists

Many exciting percussion events take place on campus each semester, which often center around the residency of a world-renowned guest artist. The percussion area is constantly seeking top guest artists to visit campus to offer unique experiences for UMD percussion students.

Recent guest artists include:

John Luther Adams (composer), Carl Allen (drum set), John Amira (world percussion), Rogerio Boccato (drum set and Brazilian percussion), Casey Cangelosi (solo), Matthew Coley (marimba and dulcimer), Chris Hanning (drum set/concert percussion), David Macbride (composer), Jean Luc Rimey Meille (solo/chamber), Garrett Mendelow (solo), Sowah Mensah (African percussion), Tony Miceli (jazz vibraphone), Fred Morgan (timpani), Britain/Moore Duo (keyboard percussion and steel drums), David Revill (composer/musicologist), Jon Singer (xylophone), Matt Smallcomb (orchestral), Bill Solomon (solo), Ben Toth (solo/chamber/world percussion), Michael Udow (solo/chamber/ world percussion), Jeff "Tain" Watts (drum set), Matt Wilson (drum set), Mike Windish (Chubby Checker, Windish Productions), Joey Van Hassel (solo), Adam Silverman (composer), Murray Mast (steel drums), Nick Petrella (orchestral), Doug Walter (solo), Anthony di Sanza (solo/world), Jean-Francois Breton (orchestral), Pius Cheung (Marimba), Brian Blade (drum set), Yousif Sheronick (world percussion).

Facilities and Equipment

The UMD Percussion Studio boasts a wide range of percussion equipment of the highest professional caliber, including a vast array of world, contemporary, and specialized percussion instruments to complement an impressive collection of traditional concert percussion equipment.  The bulk of the instrument collection is housed in a large percussion storage facility conveniently located adjacent to the music department’s primary rehearsal space.  There are 9 designated percussion practice rooms that are outfitted with various instruments (certain rooms equipped with sound systems).

Entrance Auditions for Percussion

UMD offers both Bachelors and Masters degrees in music. To audition with percussion as your major instrument, please consult the audition requirements below. Talent scholarships are available through the music department. For scholarship consideration, percussion students must prepare more than the basic audition requirements (refer to the lists below).

Undergraduate Level Percussion Audition Requirements (Concert Percussion)

Snare Drum Solo or Etude (Mitchell Peters, Anthony Cirone, or similar)

Keyboard Percussion Work (2 or 4 mallet piece on marimba or xylophone)

[Optional] You May Prepare Additional Works from the List Below

  • Drum Set (styles, play-a-longs, transcriptions, etc.)
  • Timpani Solo or Etude (Lepak, Goodman, etc.)
  • Multiple Percussion Solo or Etude
  • Rudimental Snare Drum Solo (Pratt, Wilcoxon, etc.)
  • Additional Keyboard Perc. Work (marimba, xylophone, vibraphone)
  • Orchestral Excerpts

Jazz Studies (Drum Set) Audition Requirements

  • Snare Drum Solo or Etude (Mitchell Peters, Anthony Cirone, or similar)
  • Drum Set Styles (4/4 swing, 3/4 swing, rock, funk, bossa nova, etc)
  • [Optional] Other Drum Set Demonstrations (play-a-longs, transcriptions, etc.)

Graduate Level Percussion Audition Requirements

Please prepare all of the Following:

  • SD solo (concert solo, Delecluse etude, or similar)
  • Four-Mallet Marimba Solo
  • Orchestral Excerpts on All major percussion instruments (1 to 2 per category below)
    • Timpani
    • Snare Drum
    • Mallets (xylophone and/or bells)
    • Auxiliary (tambourine and/or triangle and/or bass drum and/or cymbals)

In Addition - Please Prepare TWO of the Following

  • Vibraphone Solo
  • Multiple Percussion Solo
  • Timpani Solo
  • Two-Mallet Xylophone or Marimba Solo
  • Drum Set:  Demonstrate styles and/or present a “play-a-long” track

Percussion Collaboration Highlights

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