Our Mission

At the academic core of the university, the College of Liberal Arts fosters an open intellectual environment where faculty, students, and staff pursue wide-ranging research, creative and humanistic inquiry, and community engagement. Embracing cultural diversity, social justice, and sustainability, the College of Liberal Arts nurtures the human capacity to learn from the past, understand the present, and shape the future. At the intersection of social science and the humanities, the College of Liberal Arts prepares students for creative leadership and the complex challenges of global citizenship.

Our Vision

The College of Liberal Arts is becoming a national leader in experiential and engaged learning, while sustaining humanistic principles. Recognized for our interdisciplinary programs, international focus, and bioregional engagement, UMD’s College of Liberal Arts is rewriting what it means to be liberally educated.

In the coming years, the college will be a home to renowned programs and centers that celebrate diversity, support study abroad, examine systems of power and entitlement, foster innovative enterprise, and offer community-based solutions to regional, national, and international challenges. As a result, CLA students are becoming valued as culturally savvy, technologically innovative, intellectually inquisitive, and linguistically skilled professionals, citizens, and leaders.