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Academic Advising

CLA Students

Our Academic Advising Mission

To enhance the student experience by supplying the support, resources, and education necessary to help students participate in CLA, UMD, and the broader community as confident, independent learners.

Our Values

  • Student success is a comprehensive, transformative process that integrates academic learning and student development.
  • Timely, accurate information regarding university policies and procedures is every student’s right. Accessing this information is every student’s responsibility.
  • Positive student-faculty and student-staff interactions are essential to learning, growth, and satisfaction.
  • Students are responsible for making independent and informed decisions regarding their academic careers.
  • Parents and/or family members and the University are partners in student development.
  • Technology-based advising resources are an essential cornerstone in a comprehensive, college-wide advising program.
  • Active participation in diverse communities is a prerequisite for personal development.

Role of our advisors

  • help you clarify your educational values and goals;
  • provide accurate information on educational options, policies, and procedures;
  • guide you toward an academic program in which you can be successful;
  • acquaint you with campus resources that support your academic and personal success.

Role of the student

Students are responsible for scheduling, preparing for, and keeping advising appointments. It is recommended to meet with your adviser regularly to review the academic schedule for the following term and progress toward degree completion. Students should also seek out contacts, information, and knowing the basic requirements of their degree program. Students bear the final responsibility for making their own decisions based on the best information and advice available.

Our commitment

Advising at the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) is an important component of the commitment to a quality undergraduate experience for students. The CLA Advising and Academic Services office is located in 310 Kirby Plaza. 

We work collaboratively with CLA faculty and coordinate many kinds of activities for current and prospective students. Our staff members enjoy working with students and are committed to providing them with accurate, timely and friendly service. New freshmen and new transfer students are assigned to a staff advisor from within this office and are later re-assigned to work with faculty in the discipline of their interest. This design is supported by research of the Intake Model for Academic Advising. CLA Advising helps you with your academic questions from orientation to graduation.