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Declaring a major or minor outside CLA? Visit the collegiate unit offering the major or minor (Advising office).

The application to switch to either CLA or to another UMD collegiate unit is the Change of College, (UMD campus) Undergraduate Application. (processing time about 3-5 business days).

Click on the image below to view a .pdf that has links to the different forms or use the related links on the left:

Declaration Flowchart for CLA majors and minors

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American Indian Studies
(Tribal Administration & Governance)

AIS: Linda Grover

TAG: Joseph Bauerkemper

Communication                                  (Journalism)

Communication - Aaron Boyson, Ed Downs, Rebecca de Souza, Hairong Feng, Ryan Goei, David Gore, Jacquelyn Harvey, Elizabeth Nelson, Michael Pfau, Mike Sunnafrank

Journalism – John Hatcher

English, Linguistics & Writing Studies

English - Evan Brier *

Linguistics – William Salmon

Writing Studies – David Beard

Foreign Languages & Literatures 
(Cultural Entrepreneurship)

French Studies – Dana Lindaman; Milan Kovacovic

German Studies – Kristen Hylenski

Hispanic Studies – Maureen Tobin Stanley

Latin American Studies – Jennifer Gomez Menjivar

Chinese Area Studies – Weiqing Zhang

Cultural Entrepreneurship – Aparna Katre

Geography, Urban, Environment & Sustainability Studies

Environment & Sustainability – Mike Mageau

Geography – Pat Farrell

Geographic Information Science– Laure Charleux

Urban and Regional Studies – Adam Pine


Qiang Fang, Scott Laderman, Gideon Mailer, Steven Matthews, Jeffrey Rop, Rosemary Stanfield-Johnson, Dave Woodward


Jason Ford, Eve Rabinof, Bob Schroer, Jeanine Schroer, Sean Walsh

Political Science 
(International Studies)

Political Science – Paul Sharp

International Studies – Mary Caprioli


Rob Weidner *

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Sheryl Grana

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* Initial contact person.