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Depending on your situation, please read the following options below.
(All requests have a processing time between 3-5 business days and is effective the following term. If you have any questions about any process, contact our office.)

I want to declare a CLA MAJOR.
(This process is for students currently in CLA. If you want to change to CLA, see the Change of College process.)

I want to drop a CLA MAJOR.

I want to declare or drop a CLA MINOR.

I want to declare a program not offered within CLA.

  • View the UMD Catalog to verify which collegiate unit grants which program.
  • Visit the Advising office within the UMD collegiate unit to learn how to declare the program.

Meeting with a departmental representative provides students with the opportunity to create a strong connection to the department and mentoring relationship.

Search UMD directory for office location.

Department Representative
American Indian Studies
(Tribal Administration & Governance)
American Indian Studies - Jill Doerfler
Tribal Administration & Governance - Joseph Bauerkemper
Communication - Aaron Boyson, Ed Downs, Rebecca de Souza, Hairong Feng, Ryan Goei, David Gore, Jacquelyn Harvey, Elizabeth Nelson, Deborah Petersen-Perlman, Michael Pfau, Mike Sunnafrank

Journalism – John Hatcher, Chris Julin, Jennifer Moore

English, Linguistics & Writing Studies English - Evan Brier *
Linguistics – William Salmon
Writing Studies – David Beard
Geography, Urban, Environment & Sustainability Studies & Philosophy
(Interdisciplinary Studies)
Environment & Sustainability – Mike Mageau
Geography – Pat Farrell
Geographic Information Science– Laure Charleux
Urban and Regional Studies – Adam Pine

Philosophy - Alexis Elder, Jason Ford, Bob Schroer, Jeanine Schroer, Sean Walsh

Interdisciplinary Studies - Katie Van Wert

Political Science & History
(International Studies)
Political Science – Cindy Rugeley
International Studies – Mary Caprioli

History - Natalie Belsky (Russian), Qiang Fang (Asian), Scott Laderman (American), Gideon Mailer (American), Steven Matthews (Europe), Jeffrey Rop (Ancient & Medieval), Steffan Spencer (African), Rosemary Stanfield-Johnson (Middle East), Dave Woodward (Museum Studies)

Anthropology, Sociology & Criminology
(Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies)
Scott Vollum *

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies - Njoki Kamau

World Languages & Cultures
(Cultural Entrepreneurship)
French Studies – Dana Lindaman
German Studies – Kristen Hylenski
Hispanic Studies – Maureen Tobin Stanley
Latin American Studies – Jennifer Gomez Menjivar
Chinese Area Studies – Weiqing Zhang
Cultural Entrepreneurship – Aparna Katre

Search UMD directory for office location

* Initial contact person.