World Languages & Cultures

Welcome to the Department of World Languages and Cultures at UMD. We offer programs in Chinese Area StudiesCultural EntrepreneurshipFrench StudiesGerman Studies, and Spanish Studies. Our programs cultivate world citizens by helping students learn to communicate across cultures and gain an understanding of diverse cultural practices. Learn more about our faculty members, and read more about what WLC has been up to. Please contact Ms. Lori Roberts ([email protected] or 218-726-7951) for more information about our BA and minor programs, scholarships, and more.

Pictured above (clockwise from left): 1) Chinese Area Studies professor Weiqing Zhang  (center) with students (left to right): Ryan Kuchta, Jessica Knight, Lee Her, Yer Her - Temple of Heaven in Beiging, 2) CUE students engage in a problem-solving activity, 3) German Studies professor Dan Nolan (left) and French Studies professor Dana Lindaman (right) work with UMD computer science student Charles McGregor to build language learning apps, 4) Spanish Club president Sabrina Salmela and Aliza Mashadi, 5) German Studies student Kristie Slindee in Passau, Germany, 6) French Studies student Megan Resch performs at the annual WLC Talent Show.

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