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Anthropology, Sociology & Criminology

The Department of Anthropology, Sociology & Criminology offers majors in Anthropology, Criminology, Sociology, and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, and offers minors in Anthropology, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Studies, Sociology, and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Unifying themes in our program include inequality, identity, power, social change and development, and global multiculturalism. The department's programs are intellectually exciting and socially relevant. Students in these programs are provided civic engagement and service learning opportunities.

Photo of ASC Faculty

Meet Our New Faculty:

Dr. Gary Yeritsian

Photo of New Assistant Professor Gary Yeritsian 

Gary Yeritsian is a sociologist specializing in theory, media, and culture. He earned his Ph.D. from UCLA, where he taught courses on sociological and critical theory, culture and interaction, and urban and economy sociology. His research deals with the dynamics of audience participation in media, centering on the contestation that arises between managed ‘participation from above’ directed by media producers and spontaneous ‘participation from below’ emanating from fans, users, and consumers. He has written about user engagement on Web 2.0 as an expression of the ‘new spirit of capitalism’; clashes between brand managers and professional wrestling fans over the creative direction of storylines; and the emergence of early home video games as a milestone in the development of participatory media ‘prosumption.’ He has also published on the relationship between Nietzschean thought and critiques of capitalism. Gary’s articles have appeared in the Journal of Consumer CultureCritical Sociology, and The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social and Political Movements.

His next project, A Brief History of Social Time: Media and Temporality From the Printing Press to the Internet, will examine the relationship between the rhythms of media and the rhythms of social life more broadly, thus bridging the sociologies of media and time.