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Awards & Scholarships

Anthropology, Sociology & Criminology

Awards & Scholarships

The Department of Anthropology, Sociology & Criminology offers the following awards and scholarships to outstanding students in departmental programs. The purpose of these awards and scholarships is to recognize students who have done exemplary work as reflected not only in course grades, but also in their overall quality of contributions within departmental programs. The number of awards and amounts vary based on donor guidelines and available funds.


(PLEASE NOTE: To be eligible to receive any of the SCHOLARSHIPS listed below, you must be returning to UMD as a student in Fall of the next academic year. AWARDS may go to students who are graduating OR students who are returning.)

  1. Outstanding Student Award in Anthropology: Awarded to an outstanding student in anthropology. (Graduating seniors AND returning students are eligible.)
    2018 Award Recipient: Eva Weir
  2. Walter Baeumler Award in Criminology: Awarded to an outstanding student in criminology. (Graduating seniors AND returning students are eligible.)
    2018 Award Recipient: Mikayla Allison
  3. Franz Scholarship in Sociology: Awarded to an outstanding student in sociology. Preference given to students with financial need. 
    2018 Award Recipient: Chris Edyvean
  4. James L. Otto Memorial Scholarship: Awarded to a student planning to pursue a career in law enforcement. Preference given to students with financial need.
    2018 Award Recipient: Shawn Pierce
  5. Arthur Pulford Scholarship in Criminology: The purpose of the Pulford Scholarship is to provide payments to full-time undergraduate students in Criminology at the University of Minnesota Duluth according to the following guidelines: 1) Students must be committed to the professionalization of criminal justice agency management and service delivery activities; 2) There must be evidence students understand and value a commitment to engaging in the career field in ways that include involvement in activities that attend to issues of inequality and justice. Students applying for the Pulford Scholarship must include in their application a statement which indicates how they meet the above criteria. 
    2018 Award Recipients: Mandy Kurosky and Jager Mitchell


Completion of at least 30 total credits and one semester at UMD by the end of the fall semester of the academic year in which the award is made. Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. Must be a returning student in the semester after the scholarship is awarded.

Application process: 

To apply, complete the online application form: HERE. In addition, a letter of support from a UMD instructor must be submitted to the department separately (email