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WLC Talent Show

WLC Talent Show April 5
April 5, 2018

WLC sponsors annual multi-language talent show.

Students and faculty of the UMD Department of World Languages and Cultures held a multi-language talent show on April 5, 2018. Acts including singing, guitar playing, dancing and short films in Chinese, French, German and Spanish. Thanks to all who participated! The event was great fun and we look forward to seeing what people have to offer next year!

Pictured above: French student Megan Resch

Chinese student Xeng Lor
Chinese student Xeng Lor sings "The Moon Represents My Heart"

Spanish singing group
Spanish professor Carol Wallace sang "¿Dónde jugarán los niños?" by Maná with Shannon Bartels, Mira Jeske and Grant Jackson

German dance
The group attempts a German dance, the Schuhplattler.

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