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Submerged in Spain

Salamanca Students with Aqueducts
June 30, 2016

So much history in Salamanca.

"I'm taking a class on the art in Spain and it's opening my eyes,” says Anna Casperson. “There is so much history. We’ve seen palaces, climbed bell towers, and seen ancient stained-glass. It’s amazing and incredible.”

Anna is one of 26 UMD students who studied Spanish in Salamanca, Spain, for the month of June 2016. The students take language classes and electives to get a full language and culture experience.

The students study at the ancient University of Salamanca during the week but it isn’t about tourism. The classes are rigorous, and each student lives with a host family.

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Pictured above: Marissa Wheeler, Anna Casperson, and Abby Coyle at the Roman Aqueducts in Segovia.

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