Jill Gaeta, Ph.D.

Jill Gaeta

Professional title

Assistant Professor of French Studies


PhD/MA - Michigan State University
BA - University of Oregon
Jill came to UMD in 2015 to teach courses in French Studies, particularly French language and Francophone cultures and literatures. Her research interests focus on Francophone Caribbean and African literature for children and its socio-cultural implications. Currently she is pursuing a project that centers on Moroccan literature for children.
Jill also co-founded and currently leads the after school French Club at Congdon Elementary School, where UMD student volunteers teach French to primary students. 
Courses Taught:
FR 1101/1102 : Beginning French
FR 1201/1202 : Intermediate French
FR 4018 : Studies in Francophone Cultures and Literatures
Jill Gaeta in Morocco