Jay Wojciechowski: Internship

Jay Wojciechowski

URS 3097: Internship - Summer 2018

What is your major?
Urban and Regional Studies & Geographic Information Science double major.

Where was your internship placement?
Arrowhead Regional Development Commission

What did your general duties involve?
My duties involved: Drafting a Safe Routes to School plan for two local schools, creating maps using ArcGIS Pro, creating surveys to be distributed to local citizens, analyzing demographic data, and drafting documents to assist my supervisor with zoning administration in Two Harbors, MN.

What was your most memorable experience?
My most memorable experience was assisting my supervisor in creating an interactive map for a presentation to a city committee. The map showed proposed multi-modal (walking and biking) trail expansions within the City of Two Harbors. After the meeting, members of the public talked to me about how cool and engaging it was to see new technology being used to explain and inform the public about a great project opportunity. It was rewarding to see a project I assisted with gain support in a local community that I care about.

Has your internship influenced your career path?
It showed to me the importance of including the public in any infrastructure project. In my future career as a planner, I will strive to make sure the public is always included in the decision-making process.