Megan Tezak: Internship

Megan Tezak
Internship: Safe Haven Resource Center

 "It’s something really small and simple but it made a difference to her and I was happy to be there to support her."

What is your major?

Double majoring in Criminology and Sociology with a minor in African and African American Studies

Where was your internship placement?

I was a Legal Advocate Intern with the Safe Haven Resource Center.

What is the purpose of the organization?

Safe Haven is a shelter and resource center for battered woman and children. At the Resource Center we have an area where woman can come and hang out if they need some time to use the computers or the phone. There is also a lounge area that also has a kitchen and a playroom for the kids. The legal advocates at Safe Haven help woman file Order’s for Protection and Harassment Restraining Orders.

What did your general duties involve?

For most of my internship I would shadow advocates whenever I had the chance and I would assist them in helping our clients fill out the Order’s for Protection. Every Tuesday we go to court with our clients and I was there to help wherever I was needed. I also was at the front desk where clients can check in to use the resources and lounge in back.

What was your most memorable experience?

It was toward the end of my internship and I was at court. One of the legal advocates had a few clients that had court that day so she was bouncing around trying to talk to everyone. I tried to help out by talking to one of her clients and seeing how she was doing. She said her friend couldn’t make it and she was glad I came to talk to her. It’s something really small and simple but it made a difference to her and I was happy to be there to support her. A lot of the woman that come in just need some kind of support, someone that believes them and will be there for them. It’s crazy how much these women can change your lives.

Has your internship influenced your career path?

In some ways it has. I still am planning on going into law enforcement because I have really enjoyed the work I’ve been able to do with the Duluth Police Department but I’m also enrolling in an online program to become certified as a paralegal. I found the court process to be really intriguing and I want to pursue that interest to some degree. I’ll have to see where my schooling and experiences take me to know for sure.