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Student Voices

CLA Students

We asked some of our students:

  • What is your major and why did you choose it?
  • How do you use your major and skills you have developed?
  • What would you tell a student who is looking for a major to convince them to pick yours?

Emily Ferguson

Emily Ferguson pic

Chinese Area Studies (Major) - With the current political climate, it is vital that we can communicate with people who can speak Chinese and understand the culture. The population is huge and ever growing having polar opposites beliefs and customs leaving room to learn a lot. This major is helping me to help others to move in a more positive route for the future.

Linguistics (Major) - Understanding language in a unique way that helps in the process of learning languages. There is a large job market in translations and using language it being extremely useful in multiple job fields.

Philosophy (Minor) - from freshman year exposed a different perspective and added meaning to my life.

Helen Flock

Helen Flock pic

Political Science (Major) - This is really giving me  knowledge and experiences in the political world. I love this major because it helps me do what I want to do and helps me get where do I want to go. It is also nice to be able to combine it with a lot of other programs with a variety of classes leaving me with a well rounded education.

International Studies (Minor) - I want to help people on an international level and this is helping me get one step closer.


Abigael Smith

Abigael Smith pic

Journalism (Major) - I have two reason for why chose this major with the first one being that storytelling has always been a part of my life. I have always been a creative writer, but I wanted to start focusing on people  and other non-fiction stories. Getting the stories that matter focused on the opportunity to give people a platform to voice their stories with having empathy and not censoring or reacting to what they have to say. My second reason is modern journalism is fake news and extremely manipulative. This is a high risk major and I want to go in telling the truth and being authentic. I want to change the perception of this field of work.

Digital Literature and Design (Minor) - This minor is helping in my pursuit by getting a specific set of skills for my career.