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Student Voices

CLA Students

We asked some of our students:

  • What is your major and why did you choose it?
  • How do you use your major and skills you have developed?
  • What would you tell a student who is looking for a major to convince them to pick yours?


Pedro Bernal

Pedro BernalMy journey to where I am now is a wild one. I first came into college thinking I wanted to be a Biology major. When I realized that maybe I didn’t want to go through all the schooling to become a doctor, I decided to change my major. I thought becoming a cop would be cool so I decided to change my major to criminology. I quickly realized that wasn’t for me. I decided to try interdisciplinary studies but I also found out that wasn’t for me. During these multiple transitions, I was continuing to take science classes. It was then that I realized I loved science. I made up my mind to pursue a career in the medical field. I again changed my major to Human Biology. A special thanks to the College of Liberal Arts professional academic advisors for believing in me and helping me through my educational journey!

Emily Ferguson

Emily Ferguson pic

Chinese Area Studies (Major) - With the current political climate, it is vital that we can communicate with people who can speak Chinese and understand the culture. The population is huge and ever growing having polar opposites beliefs and customs leaving room to learn a lot. This major is helping me to help others to move in a more positive route for the future.

Linguistics (Major) - Understanding language in a unique way that helps in the process of learning languages. There is a large job market in translations and using language it being extremely useful in multiple job fields.

Philosophy (Minor) - from freshman year exposed a different perspective and added meaning to my life.

Helen Flock

Helen Flock pic

Political Science (Major) - This is really giving me  knowledge and experiences in the political world. I love this major because it helps me do what I want to do and helps me get where do I want to go. It is also nice to be able to combine it with a lot of other programs with a variety of classes leaving me with a well rounded education.

International Studies (Minor) - I want to help people on an international level and this is helping me get one step closer.


Bryce Plagman picBryce Plagman

Communication (Major) - I love the broadness of the major, teaching me valuable skills that can be applied to almost any job on the market. Effective communication skills are a key component to my life in multiple areas including professional, personal and social. I am always learning something new that I can apply that exact same day.
Interdisciplinary Studies: Non-traditional Management and Leadership Studies (Major) - I have always had a lot of interests and it was hard to choose a specific academic path. Luckily for me, there is a program called interdisciplinary studies which has allowed me to create my own major and my own path. I have taken on the challenge to understand how to become a better leader focusing on critical thinking skills, professional strategy and creative performance.


Abigael Smith

Abigael Smith pic

Journalism (Major) - I have two reasons for why I chose this major: the first one being that storytelling has always been a part of my life. I have always been a creative writer, but I wanted to start focusing on real people, non-fiction stories, and getting the stories that matter out there. I want to give people the opportunity to have a platform to voice their stories. It's about having empathy and not censoring what they really want to say - it's their story.

My second reason is I want to change the outlook on modern journalism, as it's been painted as "fake news" and can sometimes be  seen as manipulative if journalists aren't careful. This is a high risk major, and I know that, but that's why I'm going into journalism - I want to be an advocate for truth and focus on being an authentic writer for the greater good. I wish to change the perception of this field of work, because journalism is so important and finding stories and writing about them is important for social, political and environmental change.

Digital Writing, Literature and Design (Minor) - This minor is helping in my pursuit by getting a specific set of skills for my career. It's about technical website design, understanding literature and how that pertain to today's society, and writing for the web which are all extremely important aspects to the field of communication and writing. It will help me become a more versatile writer.