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CLA faculty led summer 2017 programs
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Apply for a lifetime experience with UMD Study Abroad! Visit their site for application deadlines (varies depending on the program).

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Program Highlights - GEOG/FORS 3205, 3 cr

  • SUMMER 2017 brochure
  • Learn mapping techniques to study the of southern Belize landscape
  • Experience the eclectic cultural and multilingual landscapes of Mopan Maya, Kekchi Maya, Hispanic, Garifuna, Creole, Lebanese, East Indian and Chinese peoples
  • Stay in two Maya villages where you can partake in everyday life and be involved in a service learning project
  • Learn about conservation efforts that are integral to sustainable development in Belize; “Ridge-to-Reef” - what happens on the land affects the sea. Hike in the jungle and snorkel at the reef
  • Observe how conservation scientists support local communities who live sustainable lifestyles and rely on the forest for many of their needs
  • Learn about the effects of deforestation, urbanization, agricultural practices, and other aspects of development that affect the ecology and biodiversity in Belize
  • Exploring ruins of the Maya past and enjoy free-time activities such as snorkeling, scuba, hiking and the like
  • Check out Punta Gorda Town and the Chocolate Festival!

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Program Highlights - ANTH/FORS 3200, 6 cr

  • SUMMER 2017 brochure
  • Learn about the diversity and complexity of Latin American cultures
  • Explore the practice of sustainability in an international context
  • Take part in a service learning experience in Ecuador, grounded in participatory research
  • Interpret social, political and economic issues now and in future Latin America
  • Acquire Spanish language skills and put them into practice the 6 weeks you’re there!

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Program Highlights - ENGL/FORS 4300, 4 cr

  • SUMMER 2017 brochure
  • Applies as a Genre elective
  • Learn about the history and living and ephemeral art form of theatre
  • Get ready to visit theatre sites that thrive today and sites that preserve its wonderful past—spanning from Roman times to the present
  • Analyze plays and explore cultural contexts both on the page and on-site
  • Approach research by exploring architecture, artifacts and performances during your time in England

Germany pic

Program Highlights - GER/FORS 3040, 4 cr

  • SUMMER 2017 brochure
  • Study German history, culture, literature and politics while enhancing your language skills in the classroom and on field trips to museums, historic sites and other points of interest
  • See the Berlin Wall, Museum Island, Checkpoint Charlie, the Bundestag and the Turkish Market
  • Hike and bike through the heart of Berlin, through the green forests and near the blue rivers and lakes surrounding Potsdam

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Program Highlights - GEOG/COMM/FORS 3800, 4 cr

  • SUMMER 2017 brochure
  • Examine theories of social change at the Indian Social Institute, which is dedicated to empowering marginalized people in India
  • Interact and learn from local communities involved in activism and advocacy efforts at the grassroots level
  • Explore historical and cultural locations including the temples at Belur and Halebid and the Nrityagram Dance Village

Nicaragua pic

Program Highlights - HIST/FORS 3313, 4 cr

  • SUMMER 2017 brochure
  • Applies to the United States geographical area in the history program
  • Analyze the history of surfing and past U.S. involvement in Latin America
  • Explore how past wars and how current surf tourism coincide
  • Learn how to surf!

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Program Highlights - SPAN/FST 3040, 6 cr

  • SUMMER 2017 brochure
  • Study Spanish language, literature and culture at Universidad de Salamanca (University of Salamanca)
  • Live with a Salamantine family to further cement language skills and be a part of Salamantine daily life
  • Stroll through the urban environment of the Old City
  • Practice language skills with Spaniards and international students alike in a diverse and multicultural city
  • Travel on three excursions within Spain and several field trips within Salamanca