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ANTH 4653 - Anthropology Senior Seminar

CLA Students

Poster: Anthropology 4653, Senior Seminar

ANTH 4653 - Anthropology Senior Seminar

The course was taught by Dr. Mitra Emad and for the first time used Peeps Magazine as an engaging course resource. Dr. Emad states, “I want my students to graduate with the capacity to work ethnographically in any environment, and to create multi-media products.”  Below are a few examples of what students created.

“Team Expressions” video is one of the team-based projects on technology & culture looking at social media and emotions.

For a final reflection assignment, students could create a LinkedIn page, write an essay or create a digital story reflecting on their Anthropology major. Interested in knowing more about Anthropology? Here are three videos by students sharing genuine statements about what anthropology means to them..