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Experiences in and out of the classroom...

Prof Jeanine Weekes Schroer from Philosophy

ANTH 3156 - 
Digital and Participatory Research Methods

Dr. Syring from CLA’s Department of Sociology & Anthropology enhanced his ANTH 3156 during fall 2016 by designing the course as a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) course. Dr. Syring teamed up with Dr. Algara-Siller from Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi, Mexico and their two classes collaborate virtually to study the environmental challenges in each of their communities and produce their own videos highlighting those challenges.

Geographic Information Science Certificate - Rod Owre: Highlight

The five-course series offers students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and expertise in the area of Geographic Information Science (GISci).

ART 3305 Sustainability Studio: Theory and Practice - Writing Studies BA students

Students were involved in a grant proposal to assist migrating birds. They researched and designed a window cling material and composition that spans a window display on campus (hallway to Darland). The chosen vinyl cling material is incredibly durable, easy to maintain, and greatly reduces the glares and reflections that birds misinterpret. Each section of material was cut and installed by students in the class.

JOUR 2400 Community and Journalism - Abrielle Vizenor: Journalism in the Bahamas

The purpose was to pick a journalist from a different country, get in contact with them and then learn their ways of journalism along with learning about the community the paper serves.

Museum Studies - Highlight

The Museum Studies Certificate combines innovative courses in theory and practice of museum work with intimate involvement in the professional museum world.

ANTH 4633 - Ethnobotany: Duluth Community Plant Story Map

In the fall of 2015, eight students in David Syring's ANTH 4633: Ethnobotany course researched plants native to the region and collaborated with the UMD Geospatial Analysis Center to create the first entries in the Duluth Community Plant Story Map.

ANTH 4653 - Anthropology Senior Seminar

This course is the undergraduate capstone course for Anthropology majors. During Spring 2016 the course was constructed around the theme of technology and culture. 

ANTH 4696 - Field Research in Archaeology

Students taking part in this summer's Archeology Field School. This article includes a video. 

JournalismWriting for the love of the game

Alumnus Jake Przytarski, a journalism major, who wrote for The Statesman and now has an internship with Proplayerinsiders.com.

The Storytelling Project

The UMD-Duluth Storytelling Project is a collaborative creative writing initiative that matches UMD writing students with adults who have disabilities resulting from cerebral palsy or traumatic brain injuries.

SPAN 1202 – Intermediate Spanish II

Dr. Andrew Snustad from CLA’s Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures enhanced his SPAN 1202 course during fall 2016 by designing the course as a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) course. Professor Snustad teamed up with Professor Damián Martínez Villatoro´s English Translation course in Tuxtla-Gutiérrez, Mexico at the Autonomous National University of Chiapas.