Kaylee Argo: Internship

Kaylee Argo

Sociology major, Psychology minor

Oz Psychology in Ozark Alabama

General Duties
Currently, I am only 3 weeks into my internship. I have learned and done intake assessments by myself, observed EMDR play therapy for children and EMDR therapy for adults, observed psychological testing (Autism, IQ, Achievement, ADHD, etc.), called for insurance verification, set up appointments for referrals, learned about administrative tasks and billing, sorting papers and whatever else needed.

Most Memorable Experience
My most memorable experience so far was witnessing EMDR therapy. It focuses on your auditory and visual senses with bi-lateral movement. The client’s original cognition was very negative and the body tense, but after this session, the client was able to relax more and change the cognition to be more positive. It was quite remarkable. I also really enjoyed getting to witness play therapy with children. Here the focus was on emotions, (what color makes you feel this way, how big is it). It was really interesting to see.

How has this internship influenced your career path?
So far, I have found out that even though this wasn't what I originally thought I was going to be doing for an internship, it will help me to stand out in the future. My aim is to be a social worker and help children. My supervisor told me once that social workers sometimes still complete assessments and testing, but are never properly trained on how to bill or do it all, so by having this experience it will allow me to stand out because I will have some training in psychological evaluations. I also have realized how important testing and access to testing is for all ages and could see myself doing this for a little bit in the future. Testing helps us to see the root cause of the problem and how each client learns/behaves differently based on their brain makeup or environment. It truly can help children in a very important way and set them up to be more successful overall, if they receive the proper help.