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CLA offers internships through many departments. Some CLA majors require an internship within the major and other majors offer the course as elective credits. The experience students receive complements their development, practice within their field of study, opportunities, and networking systems. Whether the internship is long or short term, students can incorporate the opportunity into their undergraduate degree.

Students interested in an internship are advised to schedule an appointment with the Intern Coordinator within the department (see below) before the beginning of the next term. Late registrations may not be possible. The Intern Coordinator will assist students with answers and how to begin the process of finding an internship. Most internships for credit are not paid positions.

Students must review the course components before registering for an internship course. Some internship courses are reserved for majors only and may not be repeatable. Many internship courses are variable credits. This means when a student registers for the internship course they select the amount of credits. The amount of credits is discussed and agreed upon with the Intern Coordinator.

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Review a listing of internship partnerships through CLA. Additional sites may be available, see the coordinator in your department. Registration for an internship happens before the end of the second week of the term by permission from the coordinator.




Cultural Entrepreneurship


Environment and Sustainability Studies

Geographic Information Systems

Hispanic Studies



Political Science


Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

CLA intern courses and department contact information:

American Indian Studies - AMIN 3997 - contact Department
Anthropology - ANTH 4697 - Jennifer Jones
Communication - COMM 4397 - Alastair Knowles
Criminology - SOC 4587 & SOC 4597 - Rob Weidner or Department Page
English - ENGL 4097 - Evan Brier or Department Page
Environment and Sustainability Studies - ES 4090 & ES 4097 Mike Mageau,
Geographic Information Systems - GIS 3597 - Laure Charleux
Geography - GEOG 3997 - Adam Pine
History - HIST 3097 - Steve Matthews
Journalism - JOUR 4197 & JOUR 5197 - John Hatcher
Political Science - POL 3197 & POL 3097 - Students contact the department and determine which faculty member they will work with.
Sociology - SOC 4587 & SOC 4597 - Rob Weidner and Department Page
Urban Regional Studies - URS 3097 - Adam Pine
Writing Studies - WRIT 4197 & WRIT 5197 - Chongwon Park
Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies - WS 3897 - contact Department