Collegiate & Departmental Honors

Due to COVID-19, the standard to achieve collegiate and/or departmental honors has not changed.

Collegiate Honors

At UMD, a maximum of 15 percent of the graduating class can graduate with honors. In CLA, the top 3 percent of the graduating class is designated summa cum laude, the next 5 percent magna cum laude, and the next 7 percent cum laude. The GPAs are based on those of the previous spring semester’s graduating class. To be eligible for honors, students must earn at least 30 credits at UMD. For more information, contact the CLA Advising & Academic Services office.

The Honors Policy, applicable to fall 2019-summer 2020 undergraduates, is as follows: 

Honor Percentage Minimum Cumulative GPA
Summa 3% 3.91
Magna 5% 3.83
Cum Laude 7% 3.72

To be in the top 10% of the CLA graduating class you must receive a cumulative GPA of 3.81.
(updated 10/29/19, ps)

Department Honors

Honors are awarded to graduates who have successfully fulfilled the additional requirements of the special honors program in the department offering their major programs. See major programs.

UMD Career and Internship Services conducts an annual follow-up survey of new UMD graduates. Every year they contact graduates who received undergraduate degrees in the previous year to find out what they've been doing during their first year after graduation. You are invited to view their reports to see what other CLA graduates are doing after graduating!