Forms (CLA and shared with other collegiate units)

Exception form for UMD Program (course additions, waivers and more) (writable if you download and open in Acrobat) - May 2021
Declare or Drop a CLA Major OR Minor

Change CLA Advisor OR Change Requirement Year for major, minor or Lib Ed Program
     Note: Music students must contact the Music Department for a separate advisor request process.

U Matter - Exit Survey

Specific Major and Minor Forms

​​​​​​​Plan for Major Declaration form (writable form)
Senior Benchmark (paper form) OR Senior Benchmark (Google form)

Admission after Dismissal form
Midterm Report form (writable form)

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    Additional Forms

    UMD One Stop Forms

    • Academic Status
    • Admissions, Transfer, and Re-enrollment
    • Appeals and Petitions
    • Financial Aid
    • Graduation
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    • Student Account
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