Tory Sanna-Withers: Internship

Tory Sanna–Withers
GIS 3597 Internship - Summer 2018

What is your major?
Geographic Information Science major with an Information Design minor.

Where was your internship placement? (What is the purpose of the organization?)
Arrowhead Regional Development Commission / Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (Two separate part-time internships both through the A.R.D.C. one with grant money and sponsored by C.U.R.A., the other strictly a part-time A.R.D.C. internship position. 

What did your general duties involve?
Regional G.I.S. needs, priorities, projects within the Arrowhead Region of Minnesota relating to a wide variety of subjects. Providing local units of government and citizens a means to work cooperatively in identifying needs and solving problems.

What was your most memorable experience?
Setting up infrared trail master trail counters and surveying for the Paved Trail Economic Assessment Impact of the Lake Superior Coastal Zone Paved Trails through A.R.D.C., (Arrowhead Regional Development Commission), with a grant for a student researcher from C.U.R.A., (Center for Urban and Regional Affairs). A separate internship both through the A.R.D.C. One part-time with the A.R.D.C., and one part-time with C.U.R.A. working through A.R.D.C. in the Duluth area for the Coastal Zone Trails. 

Has your internship influenced your career path?
Great practice happens in classes for two to four years, applying this knowledge afterwards to a real world application throughout the arrowhead region identifying needs, and solving problems is absolutely thrilling.