Jake Roecker: Internship

Jake Roecker 

What is your major?
Cultural Entrepreneurship 

Where was your internship placement?
Wisdom Solutions in Pune, India. The job title was a sales and marketing intern.

What did your general duties involve?
Wisdom solutions is an enterprise focused on corporate training, public workshops, personal coaching and educational transformation. Working with companies throughout India and the US helping them find new innovative ways to improve their business in the areas of team building, productivity, better communication, managing talent, and maximizing profits. 

Day to day work involved new business development via 50-60 cold calls per day when working with the public programs along with digital marketing ad creation. When focusing on corporate programs we were facilitating corporate workshops of 20-50 participants, working with companies such as Bharat Forge, Mahindra, Sony, IIT Delhi, and Yamaha. The overall goal of this internship was to experience all these workshops over the length of three months and come up with a new innovative workshop of your own that Wisdom Solutions can use in the future.

What was your most memorable experience?
My most memorable experience was helping facilitate multiple workshops with Bharat Forge which is one of the largest forging companies in the world. We took different departments of the company starting with high-level executives on down all working towards the same goal. This goal was to come to a conclusion on where they can see this company improve in 5, 10, 15 years down the road. This was eye-opening because you had the opportunity to see multiple departments give different perspectives on where they can see this company in the future. After this series of workshops, the CEO had every department come together to come to a final conclusion on how Bharat Forge will continue to overcome obstacles and have success for years to come.

Has your internship influenced your career path?
This experience helped influence my career path because it helped me experience what the business world is like in a different country and how ambitious, driven, and hardworking my coworkers were. Not only was this a life-changing experience but this internship also helped me stand out on my resume when applying for jobs. I recently got hired at Protolabs Inc as an Account Manager. During my interview, the hiring manager brought up this internship and said it stood out compared candidates because of how unique this opportunity was. This internship will test your perseverance living in conditions that you'll never experience anywhere in the US.