Theodore Olson: Internship

Theodore Olson

What is your major?
Criminology with a minor in Psychology. 

Where was your internship placement?
Duluth Police Department

What did your general duties involve?
Violent Crimes/Property Crimes/Financial Crimes investigations, crime scene investigation, evidence collection, interviews of suspects/witnesses/victims, writing reports, analyzing cases, assisting in arrests.

What was your most memorable experience?
My most memorable experience was finishing my last property crimes case. I investigated a car prowler for over a month as he broke into over a dozen victims' vehicles, stole their credit cards and property, and spent thousands of dollars at local stores on Visa gift cards. I remember connecting the dots every day and talking to each of the victims. It felt extremely rewarding when we finally tracked the suspect down and put him under arrest. This honestly does not happen very often in the Property Crimes Unit because there are so many thefts across the city of Duluth and the majority of them having no leads to go on ending in no arrest and leaving the victim with no resolution. The best feeling is finishing a case for the victim and taking bad people off of the streets.

Has your internship influenced your career path?
There is no doubt in my mind I could not have obtained the knowledge, skills, and self-awareness I did from this internship in a classroom environment. I loved nearly every second of the internship and wish it had been over 300 hours. I plan on applying to the Duluth Police Department as soon as I graduate from UMD and become POST Certified in Minnesota. I have gained an unmeasurable amount of respect and gratitude to those who made my internship truly remarkable at the Duluth Police Department.