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Staff Recognition

Outstanding Staff Award - VCAA

The Staff Council (Senate) Outstanding Service Awards Task Force allocated $2,000 to VCAA with instructions to annually award 8 staff members $250 each in recognition of outstanding performance or service to the campus.

More detail information is found here: Guidelines for Nomination-VCAA

Outstanding Staff or Team Award - HR

1. The Outstanding Staff (Individual) Award amount will be $2,500 for an individual employee award.
2. The Outstanding Team members will receive $1,250 each if the team has up to five members. A team of six or more members would divide $6,250 among all members equally. 

For more information: Guidelines for Nomination-HR

CLA Recipients - Outstanding Staff (VCAA)

2020 Spring - Tami Lawlor (American Indian Studies Dept)
Tami has provided excellent service to American Indian Studies (AIS) for many years. She balances a wide array of duties between our graduate and undergraduate programs. Tami takes on duties to assist with the Minnesota Tribal and State Relations Training in addition to her regular work without complaint because she knows how valuable the program is and wants to contribute to its success, which reflects on AIS as well as CLA and UMD.

2019 Fall - John Boucha (CLA Technology Program)
John has contributed an unequivocal amount of dedication to his job and the CLA department. With his efficient work ethic and his tendency to go above and beyond, he is an excellent example of a colleague who continuously serves his CLA community. With his countless skills in technology and IT support, he often dedicates time to helping others and cheerfully spreads his wisdom throughout. From simple technological work to preparing for special events, he carries out each task with precision and perfection. He expresses nothing but patience and is an exemplary example of an employee who embraces efficiency, yet finds the time to go above and beyond in everything that he does. His fun, generous, and comical side always shows and he continually impresses those around him.

2019 Spring - Debbie Rose (Anth, Soc, Crim Dept)
Debbie is highly efficient in organization, communication, and an adept planner in the department. She has also regularly contributed to the college through formal service (such as her indispensable work on the CLA Technology Committee) as well as informal networking and mentorship. She is uniquely meticulous in her commitment to UMD and completing tasks on time.

2018 Spring - Bridget Park (Geog & Phil Dept)

2017 Fall - Pam Spencer (CLA Advising & Academic Services)

UMD Campus Staff & Faculty Awards and Recognition (VCAA)