Tyler McElwee: Internship

Tyler McElwee

What are your majors?
Hispanic Studies and Communication

Where was your internship placement?
University of Oteima in David, Panama

What did your general duties involve?
I was the leader of a team within the University of Oteima in David, Panama that emphasized the promotion of a national wildlife preserve and recreational park in the area. Our team also created a website as a promotional tool to expand our reach to different audiences.

What was your most memorable experience?
My most memorable experience during this internship was working with others who exclusively spoke Spanish, which challenged me to use what I have learned at our university in a professional work environment. Another very memorable experience for me was aiding in the process of reintroducing Scarlet Macaws into the northern region of Panama, which in the past was an abundant environment of their species.

Has your internship influenced your career path?
This experience has positively influenced my career path, because my duties at Oteima University required me to work and be creative outside of my normal comfort zone. Also, through various professional meetings and interviews, I gained a multitude of connections that give me an opportunity to return and continue working in the surrounding region once I graduate this December.