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CLA majors, minors & certificates

How to declare or drop a CLA major or minor?

Fall 2018 Drafts of Program Changes
Drafts will be finalized and programmed in APAS sometime in summer 2018. (Some programs are subjected to change prior to VCAA or Provost approval.)
NOTE: Students pursuing discontinued majors will be able to complete them.

CLA Majors CLA Minors
American Indian Studies B.A. (AMIN) African and African American Studies minor (AAAS)
Anthropology B.A. (ANTH) American Indian Studies minor
Chinese Area Studies B.A. (CHIN) Anthropology minor
Communication B.A. (COMM) Chinese Area Studies minor
Criminology B.A. (CRIM) Cognitive Science minor
Cultural Entrepreneurship B.A. (CUE)
Certificate of Business Administration
Leadership Development
Communication minor
English B.A. (ENGL)
Digital Writing, Literature and Design minor
Environment, Sustainability and Geography B.A. (effective F18)
Environment & Sustainability
Urban & Regional Studies
English minor
French Studies B.A. (FR)
Environment, Sustainability and Geography minor (effective F18)
Geographic Information Science B.S. (GIS)
(B.S. degree only F18)
French Studies minor
German Studies B.A. (GER) Geographic Information Science minor
Hispanic Studies B.A. (SPAN)
German Studies minor
History B.A. (HIST) Hispanic Studies minor
Interdisciplinary Studies B.A. (IS) 
(program & application information)
Medical Arts & Sciences
History minor
International Studies B.A. (INTS) International Studies minor
Journalism B.A. (JOUR)
Journalism minor
Latin American Studies B.A. Latin American Studies minor
Linguistics B.S. (LING) Linguistics minor
Philosophy B.A. (PHIL)
Applied Ethics
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Studies minor (LGBT)
Political Science B.A. (POL) Philosophy minor
Sociology B.A. (SOC) Political Science minor
Tribal Administration and Governance B.A. (TAG)
American Indian Studies
Business Administration Certificate
Professional Writing minor
Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies B.A. (WS)
Sociology minor
Writing Studies B.A. (WRIT)
Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies minor

Certificate Programs

NOTE: Certificates do not satisfy a second field of study.

See the University Studies program for more certificate information and the online application.

Pre-professional Programs

Students interested in business have access to a variety of business related courses within CLA and complementary business minors through the Labovitz School of Business & Economics (LSBE).

Health or Medical
Students interested in health or medical fields of study, such as health, medical and other related studies while enrolled in CLA.

Students interested in the study of law or other related studies while enrolled in CLA.

Is a minor required for CLA majors? (effective fall 2018)

All CLA majors require a minor or second major except for the following programs: interdisciplinary studies, tribal administration and governance.

Students majoring in Hispanic Studies cannot minor in Latin American Studies, but may double major. Students majoring in Latin American Studies cannot minor in Hispanic Studies, but may double major. Students double majoring in Hispanic Studies and Latin American Studies must have a third field of study (another major or minor).

Students majoring in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies and minoring in LGBTQ studies must declare a third field of study (either another major or minor). This addresses the overlapping of courses across programs.

Students majoring in Writing Studies must complete a minor or second major in a field other than Journalism, Professional Writing, or Digital Writing, Literature & Design (previously Information Design). (This pertains to students who are following the fall 2015 or earlier degree requirements.)

Is advanced writing required?

Most CLA majors require WRIT 31xx-Advanced Writing. Some majors require a particular advanced writing course (ex: WRIT 3160-Advanced Writing: Social Sciences.) Majors exempt from the advanced writing requirement are: English, history (fall 2017 major requirements) and philosophy (if an additional PHIL 3xxx course is taken).

(updated June 29, 2018)