LEP Learner Outcomes

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Liberal Education Program (LEP) Learner Outcomes

Liberally educated students are “Prepared, Informed, and Committed.”

Prepared to:

  • identify, analyze and solve problems, demonstrating critical and analytical thinking competency within and across various fields of knowledge
  • think creatively, demonstrating intellectual curiosity, imagination and flexibility
  • communicate effectively through writing and speaking
  • work productively, independently and through collaboration
  • access, evaluate, and make use of information gathered through multiple methodologies

 Informed about:

  • the foundations of knowledge and inquiry about nature, culture and society
  • the past and its relevance to the present and the future
  • controversies and unanswered questions in multiple domains of knowledge

 Committed to:

  • life-long learning
  • civic engagement and social responsibilities
  • knowledge and competence across cultures
  • considering ethical implication of ideas and actions
  • understanding contemporary global issues

Student Learning Outcomes

Students receive instruction and practice in liberal education student learning outcomes.  Collectively, through the combination of the liberal education core, academic majors and minors and student development program provide students to attain UMD's learning outcomes.