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Liberal Education Program

Majors & Minors

Prepared, Informed and Committed.


A liberal education prepares individuals to lead productive and socially responsible lives in a diverse and rapidly changing world. The liberal education program at UMD helps students develop competencies that can be adapted for use in any occupation and by virtually any individual. Liberal education at UMD is not restricted to any particular part of the curriculum but is woven through each student’s course of study, including core requirements and requirements for the major. Liberally educated students are “Prepared, Informed and Committed.”

Visit the current Liberal Education Program to begin planning. Courses are annually added and removed from the program. Students can elect to follow a particular year of the program that best suits their degree plan. See the Catalog Use policy for more information.

Current and Archive Views of Lib Ed Programs....and more!

Think Pieces on UMD's Liberal Education Program and the Value of the Liberal Arts

A volume of short Think Piece essays written by faculty on the role of a liberal education or liberal arts for undergraduate students. 

Are you a transfer student?  Planning to transfer to another U of MN campus?

If you have completed or are completing either an Associate of Arts (AA) degree or Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MTC), these programs satisfy the UMD Lib Ed Program. Each course within the AA or MTC is reviewed for potential transfer to UMD. Transferology is a resource to find how courses transfer to UMD. In addition, see the Transfer Credit site at UMD for more information. CLA annually updates Transfer Guides with top feeder schools. 

Contact the campus you plan to transfer to for additional information.