Learning Experience: SPAN 1202

SPAN 1202 – Intermediate Spanish II

Andrew Snustad´s SPAN 1202 Intermediate Spanish II course is collaboration on a COIL project with Professor Damián Martínez Villatoro´s English Translation course in Tuxtla-Gutiérrez, Mexico at the Autonomous National University of Chiapas. Their student´s are doing a virtual language and culture exchange that begins with paired conversations in both English and Spanish and culminates in a collaboration where groups of four share their interests in music and then translate a song either from English to Spanish or vice versa. The students must create a VideoAnt of the translation and then present the translation practices that they used in their translations to both classes in a synchronous class period. 

More about Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

Dan Nolan, Assistant Professor in CLA, recently began promoting and supporting COIL @UMD, which is an approach to online international course co-development available for all UMD faculty. COIL courses embrace the use of digital technology to bridge the distance between international partners. Faculty at UMD work together with an instructor from a different country to develop a course. Much like in study abroad, students in COIL courses collaborate with their international peers in group projects, extending the breadth of their studies and gaining hands-on experience in international problem solving. Doing so helps students gather and process information of global relevance to their future career paths, while also learning about how those career paths have taken on different shapes in different national contexts.


COIL @UMD: http://d.umn.edu/coil