Journalism Experience in the Bahamas

Stephen Welsh alumni

Journalism Experience in the Bahamas with Abrielle Vizenor

A Global Journalism Field Trip - In the classroom, students travel around the world, and learn about inspiring people doing amazing work, and often in very challenging situations.

Abrielle's Video Story:
Major: Journalism
UMD Course: JOUR 2400 Community and Journalism

What was the purpose of the assignment?
The purpose was to pick a journalist from a different country, get in contact with them and then learn their ways of journalism along with learning about the community the paper serves.

What was your most memorable experience?
The trip in general was memorable. My family and I go on vacation there often but this time when I went down there I had a totally different mindset. Instead of only thinking about getting tan and spending a week in a tropical place, I went down super excited to learn about their culture and went out of my way to see things that I had never seen before and talk with as many locals as I could.

Did this course influence your career path?
I’ve known from a young age that I wanted to do something with journalism, specially being on the news. But after traveling to a different country for something other then a vacation its made me think about if I would want do something with international journalism.

Any additional stories or comments are welcome.
I had an awesome taxi driver! When he asked how long I was here and I said only overnight he then asked why such a short trip and I then explained why I was here he went out of his way to show me the "ghettos" and give me a great tour of the island and all the places that I’d never been to before without charging me. So that was super nice. Another cool thing was while also was at Dunkin Donuts a guy came over to me and struck up a conversation and while we were talking, he told me that he played for the Gophers on the football team back in the day and was the first Bahamian to be on the team.