Morgan Inman: Internship

Morgan Inman
Internship at the UMD Employee Health & Wellness Center

What is your major?

Major: Communication

Minor: Health Care Management 

Where was your internship placement? (What is the purpose of the organization?)

Promotion and Communication Coordinator for the UMD Employee Health & Wellness Center

Fall 2014-Fall 2016

What did your general duties involve?

Job Duties:

  • Develop and implement guide in strategic planning to effectively execute promotion
  • Draft and proofread high quality business announcements, press releases, and outreach emails
  • Administrator of social media, effectively manage promotion of events and wellness initiatives
  • Positively represent and promote programs and services
  • Develop graphic design skills to create promotional communications
  • Responsible for maintaining email account within the department

What was your most memorable experience?

The opportunity to be on a hiring committee for the new Health & Wellness Center's dietitian. It was a very valuable experience to be on the other side of the hiring process as I will be looking for jobs in the near future. I get to work in an environment with wonderful and intelligent people that support my own wellbeing and learning - the Employee Health & Wellness Center has been a wonderful place to work for. 

Has your internship influenced your career path?

Working for the Employee Health & Wellness Center has reaffirmed my desire to work in communications for a health initiative.