Weiqing (Vicky) Huang: Internship

CLA Scholarships 2019

Weiqing (Vicky) Huang
Internship: Public Relations & Marketing Office at UMD

What’s your major?

Major: Communication 
Minor: Hispanic Studies

Where is/was your internship placement?

University Marketing and Public Relations at UMD

What is the purpose of the organization?

University Marketing and Public Relations is responsible for communicating and upholding the UMD brand across campus and in the community. The office writes and shares the news and stories of amazing students, faculty, staff, programs, projects, and initiatives. Also, the office compiles a list of breaking UMD news stories from newspapers and television.

What are/did your general duties involve?

I am doing an internship with Cheryl Reitan, Associate Director in the University Marketing and Public Relations office. I am responsible for looking for great UMD students, events or professors, and then interviewing them and writing their stories. I wrote five stories that have been posted on the UMD news page. I also helped post UMD in the news links on the homepage.

What was your most memorable experience?

The most memorable experience in the office was to edit my stories again and again. As an international student from China, I faced problems with language and different writing styles. Every story I wrote, Cheryl, my supervisorwould help me review it at least three times. It was very hard for me to change every sentence several times, but Cheryl always encouraged me to make a better story. With her help, I made a lot of progress and I started to love more about my job. With this job, I had the opportunity to know people's stories, and share their happy lives at UMD.

How has your internship influenced your career path?

As a Communication major, my dream job is to be a professional public relations officer. This internship fits what I want to do in the future. Before I had this internship, I was very confused about what public relations officers do in the real world, and I was not very sure if PR would be my best choice. After working with professional UMD PR officers in the internship, I came to love the way they do the projects and I learned that public relations officers can really make a difference

This job can connect people from different backgrounds and can solve an institution's problems. This job needs people who have strong communication and writing skills to attract a company's target audience. The internship influenced me a lot and made me be more confident about the dream I have--- to be a professional Public Relations Officer.

Any additional stories or comments are welcome.

The most fun part during this internship was to interview various people, such as a student from UMD who studied abroad in China. The student was very excited to share his stories with me, and we talked for three hours. He told me that because of his experiences in China, he became more open minded and realized he had previously stereotyped Chinese people. In my opinion, this small story would influence and encourage more UMD students to apply to study abroad programs.

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