Dr. Mary Caprioli


Professional title

Associate Professor of Political Science & Director of International Studies Program


Dr. Mary Caprioli came to UMD from the University of Tennessee in 2005. She earned her PhD and MA from the University of Connecticut and her BA from Marist College. Dr. Caprioli has come full circle after her first tenure track position at the “other” UMD -- the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. Dr. Caprioli is a native New Yorker, nine-year resident of New England, three-year resident of Tennessee, who is now proud to be considered a Midwesterner. Dr. Caprioli’s research focuses broadly on conflict and security studies, including interstate and intrastate violence. She is fundamentally interested in understanding why states, societies, and individuals engage in violent behavior and more specifically in assessing the role of gendered structural inequality in predicting violence. Her recent articles have appeared in International Studies Quarterly, Journal of Peace Research, and Journal of Conflict.