Tyler Hedin: Internship


Tyler Hedin

Internship: The Law Offices of David C. Keegan and Mikkel A. Long

What is your major?

Criminology & Sociology

Where was your internship placement? (What is the purpose of the organization?)

I intern at the law offices of David C. Keegan and Mikkel A. Long in Duluth, MN. They are both criminal defense attorneys handling a wide variety of cases varying from assaults to DWIs and everything in between.

What did your general duties involve?

I do many different things at the law office. I have some clerical duties like answering phones, opening and closing files, notarizing documents, and making copies. I also get to participate in more law related activities like attending court, interviewing clients, and reviewing case files in relation to law. Both aspects are important in truly understanding being an attorney as there is a business side and law side to this career.

What was your most memorable experience?

My most memorable experience so far was sitting in on witness testimony in a very emotional case for both the victims and the accused.

Has your internship influenced your career path?

By far, it is great.