Natalie Grant: Internship

Dan Nolan

Natalie Grant

Internship: One River, Many Stories Project - WDSE PBS Television Station

What is your major?

I am a sophomore with a major in Journalism with a minor in Political Science

Where was your internship placement? (What is the purpose of the organization?)

I am doing an internship with the One River, Many Stories project which is lead by many UMD Journalism professors and through that I was placed at the WDSE PBS television station.  

What did your general duties involve?

My duties involve helping WDSE have a presence within the One River, Many Stories project. So far I have edited video spots as well as write social media posts.

Has your internship influenced your career path?

My internship has helped advance my career path by gathering me an amazing experience! It will help me potentially get a job in the future.