Laure Charleux

Laure Charleux

Professional title

Assistant Professor


I am a human geographer and I specialize in the analysis and visualization of spatial and spatio- temporal data. This means I make intensive use of computers, doing GIS, statistics and other exciting things on a daily basis, both as a teacher and as a researcher.

My main field of study for the past few years has been daily mobility behavior. This is related to transportation but really focuses on understanding how mobility behaviors are extensively shaped by social, as well as spatial and temporal, constraints. The implied idea is that, in a time of raising awareness regarding fossil energy consumption and eagerness for new green technologies, improvements could also come from changes in the social organization of our communities, beyond transportation systems. My current research projects more specifically emphasize the assessment of social equity related impacts of green transportation policies at urban level.

I was previously an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Alpine Geography in Grenoble, France and just arrived at UMD in Fall 2011. I teach classes in GIS, cartography and spatial statistics.