Afton Clarke-Sather


Professional title

Associate Professor


I am a political geographer and political ecologist interested in the management of water resources and climate change. My research has been situated in both the rural United States, and in Western China where I serve as a Visiting Associate Professor at the Scientific Information Center for Resources and the Environment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. I have written about rural water supply projects, and the political and biophysical implications of water saving agricultural policies. My current research examines the environmental geopolitics of the Anthropocene. 

Research Keywords: Water Resource, Political Geography, Environmental Policy, Political Ecology, China

Courses Taught
WRS 5101: Water Policy
ES 4005: Environmental Policy
GEOG 3461: Global Resources
GEOG1205: Our Globalizing World

Recent Publications

Clarke-Sather, A. 2019 “From the Heavens to the Markets: Governing Agricultural Drought Under Chinese Fragmented Authoritarianism” Annals of the Association of American Geographers. 109 (2) 456-464

Wang, Jinping, J.Z. Ma, A. Clarke-Sather, and J.S. Qu. 2018 "Estimating Changes in the Green Water Productivity of Cropping Systems in Northern Shaanxi Province in China’s Loess Plateau." Water 10, (9): 1198.

Clarke-Sather, A. X. Tang, X.L. Xiong and J.S. Qu. 2018 “The Impact of Green Water Policies on Household Agricultural Water Productivity in a Semi-Arid Region: A Survey based Assessment” Water 10 (1), 11

Liu, L., J.S. Qu, A. Clarke-Sather, T. Maraseni, J.X. Pang 2017 “Spatial Variations and Determinants of Per Capital Household Emissions (PHCEs) in China.” Sustainability 9 (7) 1277

Leiper, C. and A. Clarke-Sather 2017 “Co-Creating and Alternative: The Moral Economy of Consumer and Producer Motivations for Participating in Farmers Markets” Local Environment 22 (7) 840-858

Clarke-Sather, A. 2017 State Power and Domestic Water Provision in Semi-arid Northwest China: Towards an Aleatory Political Ecology” Political Geography 58, 93-103

Clarke-Sather, A., B. Crow-Miller, J. Banister, K. Thomas, E. Norman, and S. Stephenson. 2017 "The Shifting Geopolitics of Water in the Anthropocene." Geopolitics 22 (2), 332-359.  

Clarke-Sather, A. 2015 Hydrosocial Governance and Agricultural Development in Semi-Arid Northwest China. In Negotiating Water Governance: Why the politics of scale matter. Ed. E. Norman, C. Cook, and A. Cohen. London: Ashgate.