Anna Friedrichsen: Internship

Kristen Hylenski Department Head

Anna Friedrichsen

What is your major?

I'm majoring in Journalism and Women's Studies with a minor in English. I sort of fell into the Women's Studies major after taking a few courses that filled other requirements. I was always a pretty good writer, so choosing the Journalism major just sort of happened. I never thought I'd love it so much.

Where was your internship placement? (What is the purpose of the organization?)

I'm interning at the UMD Office of External Affairs. This is the public relations office for UMD. We write articles about cool things happening at UMD (like student research) that hopefully draw people in (to attend or to donate).

What did your general duties involve?

My duties are helping my boss write articles for the UMD website, which includes interviewing people. I also come up with my own story ideas. Another thing I do is called "In The News." This is a page on the UMD website that lists when UMD is in the news. I help update it weekly. I really like it because I learn so much more about UMD through looking for articles that mention us. There are a lot of cool events, people, and things happening that I never would have heard about had it not been for this internship.

What was your most memorable experience?

My most memorable experience has been building a relationship with my boss, Cheryl Reitan. She's an awesome woman and works really hard at everything she does. I also really like learning more about UMD. There's so much more to the UMD website that I never would've discovered if I hadn't interned.

Has your internship influenced your career path?

I'm not entirely sure of my career path. I'm a junior, so I still have a little bit of time to decide things. With that being said, this internship has helped me in my writing and interviewing skills. Writers never reach a point where they're done growing because there's always room to improve one's writing. I'm used to more of a professional tone, but the Office of External Affairs likes a more "chatty" tone, so that's something I've been working on (and will continue to work on).

My experience interning so far has been really good. I love it. I always wanted to intern, but I never really knew where. At this time last year I didn't think I'd ever intern in college, but I'm so glad I took the time to find an internship that worked for me. I intern on campus, so they're really flexible with hours and understand that school is a priority.