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Shakespeare Global Showcase

German Students Performed Scene from Midsummer Night's Dream
October 11, 2016

Shakespeare Global Showcase highlights the influence of Shakespeare beyond the English-speaking world.

On October 10, 2016, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures hosted a "Shakespeare Global Showcase." Featuring dance and music, skits and readings of Shakespeare quotes in several languages, and short talks by faculty, this event brought attention to the widespread influence the works of William Shakespeare have had throughout the world. Professor Maureen Tobin Stanley spoke about the similarities between Shakespeare and his Spanish contemporary Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quijote, who both died 400 years ago this year on the same date (although not the same day!) Professor Kristen Hylenski spoke about the longstanding love of Shakespeare by Germans, who have adopted him as one of their own. Professor Jill Gaeta spoke about French Caribbean reworkings of the character of Caliban from the Tempest, a character who as been seen as representative of the view of the New World as "barbaric." And Professor Weiqing Zhang spoke about the relatively recent discovery of Shakespeare in 20th century China, where his works have often been freely adapted rather than translated. Professor Salvador Raggio's Spanish literature students presented a scene from Bolivian author Edmundo Paz Soldán's version of Romeo and Juliet, while German Studies students under the direction of Professor Valentin Solachau-Chamutouski presented the Pyramus and Thisbe scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream (auf Deutsch). The event began and ended with Elizabethan dancing performed and taught by Professors Hylenski and Solachau-Chamutouski.
Elizabethan dancing at Shakespeare event

Top image: A Midsummer Night's Dream auf Deutsch cast: Katherine Vanderport, Joshua Stremcha, Mikala Larson, Kristie Slindee and Aleksandra Gurneau.