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FLL Race Around the World

Team Dos Lentas on Inca Trail
October 14, 2016

UMD foreign language students take a virtual trip around the world with the FLL Race 2016.

From October 3-13, 2016, students from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures participated in the 2nd FLL Race Around the World, which took them across campus on a virtual trip of more than 57,000 miles to places ranging from Xi'an, China to Peru's Inca Trail. At each location they scanned and answered a trivia question and completed a photo or video challenge related to the location. Prizes were awarded to the first two teams to complete the race, as well as for particular challenges. The race came to an end at the United Nations in New York City (aka the Garden Room), where race participants and other students interested in majors and minors in FLL programs came together with department faculty for an open house reception.

The Grand Prize went to Dream Team Deutschland (Kristie Slindee and Dylan Brenner), who impressively completed all ten challenges in a single day. The runner-up prize went to the Gelb Dinosaurios (Rachel Kaslec and Jasmyn Reed), who narrowly beat out two other teams for second place and also took home a jury prize for their Borges mirror reflections picture. Team Dos Lentas, Brittany Schoen and Lily Meierhoff, won a jury prize for the photo of their triumphant arrival at the top of the Inca Trail (above) as well as the People's Choice Award for their "My Favorite Things" video from the Salzburg, Austria challenge. Jury prizes also went to  Die Taschen (Vika Simons and Max Anderson), the Flying Mortal Penguins of Doom (Andrew Weisz and Blake Hill) and Unreal Madrid (Caitlin Bengry and Eva Goeres).

Grand Prize Winners Dream Team Deutschland
Grand Prize winners
Dream Team Deutschland