Jared Fagel: Internship

Jared Fagel

What are your majors?
Criminology (BA) & Computer Science (BS)

Where was your internship placement?
Allete Inc.

What did your general duties involve?
Cyber Security. I assist with monitoring endpoint protection, building behavioral watchlists to detect malicious behaviors on endpoints, investigating malicious behavior within and against the network, reviewing cyber threat intelligence, investigating indicators-of-compromise of both foreign and domestic threats from threat intelligence, and automating cyber security practices.

What was your most memorable experience?
Every two years, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation puts on a giant exercise where companies essentially practice and enact incident response to a worse-case, "lights-out" cyber and physical attack on the BES (bulk electric system). Nearly every team within the company has a role to play during this exercise. Cyber security typically leads the exercise at the company-level, so as a cyber security analyst intern, I found this extremely engaging and very cool to partake in.

Has your internship influenced your career path?
Initially, I believed I wanted to work in law enforcement investigating cyber crimes, however this internship has grown my interest in staying within the private sector. I plan to continue in the cyber security field post-graduation.