Tongxin Zhu

Tongxin Zhu
Professional Title

Tongxin Zhu is a professor in Geography and Environment. His research interests focus on the geomorphic and hydrologic processes at plot, hillslope and watershed scales by integrating field and experimental studies with simulation modeling. His recent research includes assessing the susceptibility and erosion risk of mass movement, investigating the spatial variability of soil shear strength within the gully systems, and examining the interactions of water erosion, mass movement, tunnel formation and gully development at watershed scale. He teaches classes in physical geography, environment, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Research Keywords: Surface water erosion; Tunnel erosion; Gully development; Mass movement; GIS-based modeling.

Courses Taught:

GEOG 1414 - Physical Geography

GEOG 2306 - Environmental Conservation

GEOG 3411 - Human Environment Interactions

GEOG 4446 - Water Processes and Managements

GEOG 3422 - Natural Hazards

GIS 5572 - Environmental Applications of GIS

Recent Publications:

Huang,X., N.Fang, Z.Shi, T.Zhu, L.Wang, 2019. Decoupling the effects of vegetation dynamics and climate variability on watershed hydrological characteristics on a monthly scale from subtropical China. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 279:14-24.

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Zhu,T., 2016. Effectiveness of conservation measures in reducing runoff and soil loss under different magnitude-frequency storms at plot and catchment scales in the semi-arid agricultural landscape. Environmental Management 57: 671-682.

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