Neeraj Rajasekar

Professional Title

Neeraj Rajasekar is a PhD candidate in the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Sociology department. He is currently the Instructor for SOC3210, Sociology of Media at University of Minnesota Duluth. Neeraj’s teaching interests and experience include introduction to sociology, social statistics, media sociology, sociology of race, critical race theory, sociology of immigration, and discourse analysis.

Neeraj studies “diversity” discourse in the USA, and his dissertation includes historical analysis, survey data, and textual data. He has presented at several sociological conferences and his work is currently under review in sociological journals. Neeraj is a member of the American Mosaic Project and other research projects. He is also the Social Media Editor for You can read more of his work here.

Areas of Focus:
  • “Diversity” Policy, Attitudes, and Discourse
  • Racial Inequality and Racial Hierarchy
  • Racial Attitudes and Racial Beliefs
  • Race and Politics in the USA
  • Immigration and Second-Generation Immigrants
  • Diversity and difference in the community and the nation