Barb Titus

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Professional Title


M.A., University of Minnesota, Duluth, in Counseling Psychology
B.A., University of Minnesota, Duluth, in Psychology

Personal Statement

I have two children and a husband that keep me busy at home. I am fortunate enough to have some very good friends that I keep in close contact with. I like reading and movies. I also started the Student Grief Group on campus and also speak, when asked, on death and dying issues in other classes and in the public arena. I am a volunteer at SMDC's Grief Support and have been for many years. Death and dying issues such as, how to communicate with the grieving is my area of interest. As the parent of a child that died at the age of two I made it my wish to help others that are in pain from the loss of someone they love.

Courses Taught

Interpersonal Communication
Public Speaking
Developmental Psychology


Received CLA Teaching award in 2006